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Guitar/Sunflower Blue-Sublimation Transfer

Guitar/Sunflower Blue-Sublimation Transfer

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**NO REFUNDS, RETURNS, OR EXCHANGES. Make sure your order is correct before purchasing.**

Please read below for more information:


*Do your research before ordering sublimation as I am not responsible for pressing errors.
*Transfers will come ready to press so will not have a watermark. 
*Transfers have a ONE time use.
*MUST use a heat press to apply design!! This is very important as you can NOT use an iron with sublimation.
*If pressing onto a tshirt, the more polyester the better. I recommend at least 65% or more. Less poly will give you more of a vintage look. More poly, the more bold and brighter the design.
*Use light colored polyester shirts. White will yield the best results.
*If pressing onto item other than tshirt, must make sure the item is coated for sublimation.
*Sublimation design will not print white. If there is white on the design, it will become the color of the substrate you are applying it to.
*Printed transfer color may be off slightly from color on monitor due to computer settings.

***Pressing instructions will be included with every order***

I only use a high quality sublimation printer and the best inks/paper dedicated to sublimation for the best results.

These are size estimates ONLY. Size depends on finished design layout. Paper may be trimmed close to design for shipping purposes.


DTF Transfers can go on any T-shirt. It has a thinner feel than vinyl.

**Must use a Heat Press

Pressing Instructions

Heat press temperature should be set to 325 F.

Prior to heat pressing, hover the heat press over the transfer INK SIDE UP as close as you can without touching the transfer and allow the transfer to warm up for 30-60 seconds and this process will remove moisture from the transfer. This moisture in the ink builds up during the mailing process.

After the transfer is warmed up, it is ready for step 2.

Use Medium to heavy Pressure to press the moisture out of your shirt and then press the transfer on the shirt for 15 seconds, wait until cool and peel.

Use a cover sheet (Teflon or white butcher paper/copier paper) after you’ve peeled the transfer, press again for 5-10 seconds.

If printing small print or small text, press for 20 seconds using heavy pressure and let the transfer cool a bit before peeling. If for any reason that the print begins to lift off the shirt, usually due to an inexpensive heat press Don’t freak out, STOP PEELING AND PRESS IT AGAIN. Most likely your heat press has uneven pressure and heat.

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