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Bat Floral 2 Seamless Tumbler Wrap Transfer

Bat Floral 2 Seamless Tumbler Wrap Transfer

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**NO REFUNDS, RETURNS, OR EXCHANGES. Make sure your order is correct before purchasing.**


  • Do your researach before ordering sublimation as I am not responsible for pressing errors.
  • Transfers will come ready to press so will not have a watermark.
  • Transfers have a ONE time use.
  • MUST use a heat press to apply design!! This is very important as you can NOT use an iron & Cricut Easy press is NOT recommended.
  • Press for 400 degrees for 60 seconds- make sure to cover with butcher paper
  • I recommend at least 65% or more. Less poly will give you more of a vintage look. More poly, the more bold and brighter the design.
  • Use light colored polyester shirts. White will yield the best results.
  • If pressing onto item other than tshirt, must make sure the item is coated for sublimation.
  • Sublimation design will not print white. If there is white on the design, it will become the color of the substrate you are applying it to.
  • Printed transfer color may be off slightly from color on monitor due to computer settings.

We print all sublimations with a commercial grade printer and the best ink & paper dedicated to sublimation for the best results.


How to care for your CCT Transfer Graphic

CCT recommends that all graphics are washed inside out on a cool cycle. You can hang dry for longevity or use a no/low heat tumble dry. The less heat used during the wash will reduce the amount of wear that any graphic will eventually have and keep your pictures vibrant! 

We are not responsible for damaged transfers after you have pressed them. Please ensure you are knowledgeable with your heat press, pressure, and peeling technique. This includes using non-commercial grade heat presses or irons to try and use our transfers. 



Sizes are estimates ONLY depending on the image to keep the shape of the design. Inches will be the longest side of the design not the entire design. 

 Transfer may be trimmed close to design for shipping purposes.

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